Rotation moulded PE tanks with integrated spill container - BRL-K21002/03

Rotation moulded polyethylene (PE) tanks are often used for the above ground storage of liquid (bio) fuels and lubricants. These storage tanks are designed for atmospheric storage with a maximum ambient temperature of + 40 oC. In addition to the requirements for storage tanks BRL-K21002 also covers the requirements for the integrated spill containers.

These tanks are suitable for the storage of kerosine, (bio) diesels, gas oil, used oil and lubricants.

Who is this for?

Installers of above ground storage facilities for liquid fuels and lubricants.

When is this needed?

Companies covered by the Activities Decree (Activiteitenbesluit = BARIM) are legally required to have their fuel storage installation to be installed by an installer certified in accordance with BRL-K903. Certified installers must submit an approved RI&E (Risk Inventory & Evaluation) before a certificate in accordance with BRL-K903 can be issued. The tanks and spill containers required for the storage of liquid fuels will be part of this RI&E.

The RI&E of each installation can be streamlined when use is made of certified components. In such cases, the RI&E aspects related to the certified products, are not required. Storage tanks and spill containers, manufactured according to the requirements of BRL-K21002, will be in accordance with the requirements of the BARIM, RARIM and BRL-K903.

What to do next

If you are interested in certification then you can contact our certification engineer for information on the requirements and the procedure to be followed.

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