European Certification of Plastics Recyclers

Recylcing industry.


Who is this for?

Plastic recyclers

When is this needed?

The aim of the audit (Certification) is to recognize plastic recyclers operating to high standards and to give confidence to suppliers that any Input Waste Plastic they deliver to a Certified recycler will be recycled as per Best Practice, with respect for the environment and as per national legislation.

The Certification will assure buyers of the Recycled Output that it complies with all relevant legal and environmental legislation.

What to do next

1. Recycler contacts Kiwa.
2. The reclycling plant is inspected by an auditor on-site.
3. Information is exchanged between reclycler and auditor.
4. Third party checks ensure uniformity and rigorosity in all reports.
5. The auditor issues a 1-year valid certification.

Why Kiwa?

Kiwa, as an independent, impartial and innovative partner, wants to help recycling companies go forward. Kiwa has the knowledge to help recycling companies achieve reliability and market acceptance.