Kiwa-Services in Geosynthetics and Technical Textiles

The production and application of geosynthetics and technical textiles are continuing to rise worldwide. When it comes to the testing, development and certification of geosynthetics, Kiwa GmbH in Greven offers manufacturers, construction companies, authorities and engineering consultants a wide range of services. Therefore we resort to over 30 years of experience in these fields.

Our services:

  • Laboratory tests
  • National and international inspection and certification
  • Project support for normative and product-related changes
  • Damage analysis
  • Support for internationally relevant standards and standardization projects
  • Development of individual test methods
  • Research


  • Seminars for planning and implementation
  • Setup of testing laboratories
  • Training of personnel for testing laboratories


  • General characteristics
  • Mechanical characteristics
  • Hydraulic characteristics
  • Long-term behaviour
  • Media resistance
  • CE-fpc-certification
  • IVG-certification

Technical textiles / synthetics:

  • Mechanical characeteristics
  • Fire behaviour (B2)
  • Diffusion behaviour
  • Long-term behaviour

Construction Monitoring:

  • Mechanical characteristics
  • Structure analysis
  • Structural vibrations
  • Building thermography

Who is this for?

Kiwa takes an active part in several international standardization committes. The large network and the hands-on approach make Kiwa a valuable partner for international certification and testing.

As result of our active participation, tests according to DIN, EN, ISO and other international standardizations are performed and offered to you at an early stage.

Why Kiwa?

Kiwa is independent and reacts reliable, flexible and within a short time to you individual needs. We are your competent partner for a wide range of applications, new developments and tests. If necessary, we develop special testing equipment to meet your individual requirements.

You will not only find Kiwa in the area of synthetic and textile materials. Kiwa is present in all areas concerning quality, testing and certification.

Kiwa is also testing other plastic products like pipes, fittings, rubber, sealants, foils, door and window frames and many more.