ISO 14001 Certification

The environmental management system ISO 14001 is a broad and well-established standard that focuses on environmental issues. ISO 14001 certification shows that your company takes responsibility for the environment.

Legislative compliance is systematised and environmental considerations play a natural role in day-to-day work. The company’s environmental impact will be reduced as the company’s work on continuous improvement bears fruit.

Who is this for?

ISO 14001 certification shows that a company takes corporate responsibility and environmental work extremely seriously. The service is suitable for companies involved in both the production and service sectors.

When is this needed?

ISO 14001 certification is often a basic prerequisite for being a supplier, as it confirms that a company’s environmental management system and systematic environmental work are run effectively.

Why Kiwa?

Kiwa Sweden offers auditing and certification to ISO 14001. The audit can easily be combined with one or more of our other services, such as ISO 9001, KRAV/EU Organic certification, or the MSC and ASC Chain of Custody.