Medical Devices

Medical Devices

Developed for the needs of Product and System Certifications for the Manufacturers, Designers and Distributors of Medical Devices.

The theme of product safety is now a priority gained for each manufacturer, as the importance of knowledge of the laws and regulations to ensure the ultimate purpose, which is the “preventive protection” of the consumer. The complexity of this issue is so important, which often gives rise to doubts, possible to solve with certainty, only being able to use three specific tools: Expertise, deep knowledge of the regulatory field and strength competences on the state of the art of technologies and processes.

Thanks to the practice of use of these tools, the Manufacturers, with the Kiwa Certification, can demonstrate effective compliance with the requirements related to the product, in both mandatory and/or voluntary.

Kiwa boasts a wide and in-depth experience in the CE certification of products, with many thousands of codes already certified.
For over fifteen years, Kiwa leading Notify Body, working close to the companies operating in the medical sector with experience and professionalism.

Kiwa provides designers and manufacturers with all the necessary services to get complete answers and reliable information on the characteristics of the medical devices