The QS system is a German-based standard which sets out to guarantee quality assurance right through the entire production and marketing chain, and which has been operating since 2004 for fruit, greens and potatoes.

Who is this for?

The aim of the QS protocol is to establish strict and controllable quality standards for all the stages in the value creation chain as a way to attain a transparent quality assurance system in all its phases.

Any foods with the QS stamp on them have been produced in accordance with the criteria established for each of the stages in production and processing and the consumer can verify quality assurance on all of these levels by means of the QS stamp, these being the initials of “QualitätsSicherung” (quality assurance in German).

When is this needed?

Certification in this protocol is advisable if one is exporting to the German market, or interested in getting into this. Certification in this protocol both for production and for wholesalers or intermediaries may prove beneficial.

Kiwa España has extensive experience in certification of the QS system and a team of professionals who will help you to understand the steps required for obtaining this certification. To obtain further information about this system you can get in touch directly with us and consult web page www.q-s.de, where you can download all the guides and the application check list.

What to do next

The stages in the process will vary depending on the phase in which the certification is required, production, wholesale or coordinator, starting in any event with registration in the QS database. Kiwa España will plan the audit depending on the scope and the result will be uploaded into the QS database.

In accordance with QS Protocol requisites, Kiwa España may grant QS Protocol Certification on the following levels: Status I, Status II or Status III, depending on the percentage and type of marks of the requisites. The assessment frequency will depend on the level obtained and the stage of registration.

Kiwa España cannot formally issue a QS certificate until the operator has formalised its contract with the QS Secretariat, and until the database confirms their “Eligibility to deliver”.

Why Kiwa?

Kiwa España is an international certification and inspection body constantly involved in improvement processes, products, staff and organisations. Kiwa’s work is not only based on helping companies to control certification and inspection requisites, but also on providing services in the areas of training, research and technological know-how.

Our presence in all geographical areas and philosophy of increasing certification and inspection scopes, along with the international backing of the Kiwa group, enables us to provide the services of a consolidated certification and inspection firm with a leadership vocation in both the international agri-food certification sector and in the industrial field.