ISO 22000

The ISO 22000 is a standard that defines and specifies the requirements for developing and implementing Management Systems Food Safety in order to achieve international harmonization leading to better food security during the course of the entire supply chain can be used by all organizations involved in food security in the supply chain.

Who is this for?

In ISO 22000 there are a number of points which aims to meet food safety requirements and serve as the basis of the rules for the same purpose, these points are:
- Developing a HACCP system according to Codex Alimentarius     
- Development of a prerequisite program     
- Development Management System
The Standard is designed for possible application in any organization in the food chain, regardless of size and complexity, allowing proper tracking of different performances from the origin to the final consumer.
The chapter of ISO 22000 certification order are:
- System Food Safety Management
- Management Responsibility     
- Resource Management     
- Planning and realization of safe products     
- Validation, verification and improvement of the System of Quality Management
The purpose of this standard is the international harmonization of requirements for Safety Management Systems Food.

When is this needed?

The requirement of food security is a social and business reality. Companies that choose to become certified in ISO 22000, can demonstrate the ability to supply safe products that satisfy customers, enhance the image and get lower costs.
Kiwa Spain has a team qualified auditor who will tell you the steps to follow to obtain certification, and also has the support and experience of international Kiwa group certification of management systems.

Why Kiwa?

Kiwa España is an international certification and inspection body constantly involved in improvement processes, products, staff and organisations. Kiwa’s work is not only based on helping companies to control certification and inspection requisites, but also on providing services in the areas of training, research and technological know-how.

Our presence in all geographical areas and philosophy of increasing certification and inspection scopes, along with the international backing of the Kiwa group, enables us to provide the services of a consolidated certification and inspection firm with a leadership vocation in both the international agri-food certification sector and in the industrial field.