MSC (Marine Stewardship Council)

Certification of the chain of custody of the sale and MSC fish processing.

Who is this for?

The MSC is a global, independent, nonprofit, created with the aim of finding a solution to the problem of overexploitation of fisheries resources. MSC was founded in 1997 by WWF (an international organization dedicated to the conservation of nature) and Unilever (the largest buyer of seafood in the world). In 1999 MSC is completely independent of both organizations and currently has support from various organizations around the world both nonprofit and private.
The MSC manages an ambitious program through which seeks to transform international markets for the products of the sea towards a model that rewards and promotes sustainable and responsible practices. The recognized standards for sustainable fishing and traceability of seafood products are designed to increase the availability of the seafood well-managed resources on the market. The blue ecolabel MSC facilitates the participation of everyone in the program, because it gives the consumer the option of easily supporting sustainable fisheries practices.
The MSC has developed standards for sustainable fishing and seafood traceability. Both standards are based on an independent audit by accredited certifiers thirds. These standards are global standards of good practice more robust.

When is this needed?

With MSC certification is achieved inform consumers of the responsible attitude of the company due to the presence of the MSC ecolabel on their products. This is an excellent way to show their commitment to the sustainability of seafood. MSC is the indicator of seafood sustainability more widely recognized and most trusted, allowing you to show that makes use of best practices in the extraction of marine resources.

What to do next

The certification process for protocol MSC chain of custody starts by collecting basic data to develop a budget. In case of acceptance of the quotation, Kiwa will register the producer in MSC Database. Once registered, Kiwa Spain remain with the producer for the conduct of the audit. If the audit process the company will successfully complete the certificate, if not, the auditor shall present non-conformities and the producer will have to submit their corrective actions. After delivery of the certificate of the certification process will be an annual audit conducted to verify if the company continues to meet the requirements outlined in the standard MSC.
Kiwa Spain specializes in certification of this protocol, our team of auditors in the audit will bring the vision that will allow you to properly manage a standard. Our certificate will give international recognition and its client.

Why Kiwa?

Kiwa España is an international certification and inspection body constantly involved in improvement processes, products, staff and organisations. Kiwa’s work is not only based on helping companies to control certification and inspection requisites, but also on providing services in the areas of training, research and technological know-how.

Our presence in all geographical areas and philosophy of increasing certification and inspection scopes, along with the international backing of the Kiwa group, enables us to provide the services of a consolidated certification and inspection firm with a leadership vocation in both the international agri-food certification sector and in the industrial field.