IP Basic Assurance Certification

Kiwa Sweden offers IP Basic Assurance Certification:

IP Fruit and vegetables basic assurance certification 2015:1
IP Milk basic assurance certification 2015:1
IP Beef basic assurance certification 2015:1
IP Pig basic assurance certification 2015:1

Handbooks and checklists for certification can be downloaded from Svenskt Sigill’s website – http://www.svensktsigill.se/.

Who is this for?

IP Basic Assurance certification is open to all agriculture companies that produce fruit, berries, mushrooms, greenhouse production, potatoes, or production of beef, milk and pork. 

When is this needed?

IP is a independent standard, criteria are set concerning food safety, environmental consideration and good animal welfare. The standards for IP basic assurance certification are based on Swedish legislation.
Sigill kvalitetssystem AB owns and develop the standard, more information can be downloaded from their website.

Producers can choose between two ways of signing up for IP basic assurance certification, either membership for the certification of an individual company, or group membership. The group membership offers certification of a group of companies under joint management. 

Why Kiwa?

At Kiwa Sweden, we set extremely high standards for our auditors and all our auditors are specialists in the fields we operate in. We also offer a broad range of other quality and environmental certifications that can be carried out at the same time.