MSC Chain of Custody certification

Version: 4.0 20 February 2015

Kiwa’s certification for the MSC Chain of Custody allows you to offer MSC-labelled fish and shellfish while contributing to healthier seas and a sustainable market for fish and shellfish.

The MSC Chain of Custody is a globally recognised environmental certification programme that is increasingly being demanded by consumers and companies. The standard guarantees that the MSC label is only used for fish and shellfish from MSC-certified sources. These sources are assessed based on maintaining fish stocks, preserving good, well-developed biodiversity in the ecosystem, and fishing in compliance with prevailing laws and regulations.

Who is this for?

Certification to the MSC Chain of Custody standard gives companies, retail stores, fish counters, restaurants, and caterers the option to offer and market fish and shellfish that comes from MSC-certified sources. As a user of the MSC label for fish and shellfish, you take active responsibility for ensuring healthier seas and a sustainable fish and shellfish market.

When is this needed?

For a product to carry the MSC label at the final point of sale, all the companies in the sales chain must be certified by an independent certification body. As part of the certification process, the company must be able to show that the supply chain is traceable and that well-established quality work is in place.

Why Kiwa?

We at Kiwa Sweden can help your company with MSC Chain of Custody certification, so that your customers are able to make a sustainable choice. We offer MSC Chain of Custody certification for individual companies as well as group certification. We also have a range of other certifications that can be implemented at the same time.

Find out more on the MSC´s website